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Vital Air Review

Review of the Vital Air 5 Plus and 3 Plus Activated Oxygen Therapy Devices:

November 2018 Update

Manufacture: In September 2017 Gunzël Consulting inserted a double catalyst in each of the Oxygen activation chambers, effectively increasing the activation power output by 20%. In March 2018 Airnergy AG took over the manufacturing of the Vital Air 5+ and Vital Air 3+ from Gunzël Consulting.

Power Rankings: In descending order of Activated Oxygen power output: The Vital Air 5+ (current purchase price: £4195.00), The Kinetic Oxygen 6 (current purchase price: £1995.00), The Vital Air 3+ (current purchase price: £3450.00), The Airnergy Professional Plus (current purchase price: £4295.00), The Valkion Starwind (current purchase price: £3500.00) and the SOEMAC (current purchase price: £419.00).

Power: We have recently understood the internal configuration of the air flow and activation chambers in the Vital Air machines. Basically normal air is drawn into the machine through the air filter, and is passed immediately though the water humidifying bottle, effectively humidifying the air for easier absorption into the body. The normal room air is then passed through the first, second, third, fourth and fifth Oxygen Activation Chambers, containing double catalysts (with a significantly large Activation Area within the catalysts) and then out of the machine via the nasal cannula. In our opinion, the passing of the normal room air through the humidification bottle prior to any activated process allows for the strength preservation of all of the Activated Oxygen created, as the Oxygen passes through all five Oxygen activation chambers, meaning there is no loss of intensity or strength no matter how many chambers you have the machine set to. As a result of the 5 chambers, the double catalyst in each chamber and the internal Oxygen flow configuration, we believe that the vital Air 5+ machine could be as much as 65% more powerful than its once nearest rival, the Airnergy Professional Plus. We also believe that because of the aforementioned attributes, the Vital Air 3+ is more powerful than the Airnergy Professional Plus.

Price: The price of the Vital Air 5+ sold by the authorised distributor, Unique Perceptions in the UK is £4100.00, a saving of £195.00 on the cost of an Airnergy Professional Plus. The price of the Vital Air 3+ sold by the authorised distributor, Unique Perceptions in the UK is £3450.00, a saving of £845.00 on the cost of the less powerful Airnergy Professional Plus.

Technology: in September 2017 Vital Air inserted a double catalyst array within each of the Oxygen Activation Chambers of the Vital Air 3+ and 5+ effectively increasing the power intensity of the Vital Air 5+ and Vital Air 3+ by 20%.

Note: If you push any form of gas through a liquid, regardless of the consistency of the liquid, that liquid will offer up a resistance or barrier to that which you are pushing through it. In the case of the Vital Air machines, pushing air through water to humidify it is a key element of the power and intensity process that the Oxygen molecules undergo before leaving the machine. Placing the Activated Oxygen humidification process half way through the Activation process will slow the Oxygen molecule spin speed, and consequently reduce the energy being carried by the Oxygen molecules, not only as they enter the second part of the Energising / Activation process, but also the energy levels contained in the Oxygen molecules as they leave the machine.

So where the water interacts with the Activated Oxygen in the overall process is a key aspect of your decision making process when renting or buying a device and a question you should ask the retailers of the Activated Oxygen machine. The best option is not to pump the Activated Oxygen through water at all, such as with the Kinetic Oxygen 6, or at the very least at the beginning of the process, such as with the Vital Air machines, rather than part way through the process like in the Airnergy Professional Plus. Although you will certainly get Activated Oxygen exiting the Professional Plus, it won’t be as strong as the Activated Oxygen available to the user from the Kinetic Oxygen 6 or Vital Air Machines.

The strength or intensity of the Activated Oxygen leaving the machine is a combination of how many Activation chambers are involved, how many catalyst are in each of the chambers, the size of the Activation Area within the catalysts, how many light sources there are in each chamber, the frequency the light source is set to and where in the process the Activated Oxygen is pumped through water (if at all).

“This machine has saved my life. I cannot put it another way…”

Mr A. Murchison, Falkirk, Scotland.

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2016 Vital Air Review:

In our opinion, the Vital Air range, formerly known as Active Air, does exactly what the Airnergy devices do, only better. In our opinion, the Vital Air is most versatile and powerful machine on the activated Oxygen market… and here is why:

  • Compared to Airnergy Machines (which require a service after 2000 hours), you get 4000 hours of use before you are required to have the machine serviced. Let’s say you want to use the machine for 1 hour a day, that means you can use the machine every day for just under 11 years before a service is required, compared with an Airnergy device which would require a service in just under 5.5 years.

  • 2. If you understand Chromotherapy, ‘Light Therapy’, bathing yourself in different light frequencies to experience healing, then you get an optional 8 different colour emissions from the Vital Air range, compared to one colour with the Airnergy range. On the Vital Air range you can choose just one colour or a multiple of colour sequences. With the Airnergy range your option is limited to blue.

  • The Vital Air machines are smaller and lighter than the Airnergy range, and therefore more transportable.

  • The Vital Air 5+ has 5 Oxygen activation units, versus the top of the range Airnergy Professional Plus which has 4.

  • The new Vital Air activation chambers have double the catalysts in each activation chamber, which can be activated through the special light wavelength of the LEDs. The further developments of the colour therapy module improve the treatment effect.

  • The Vital Air range allows you to have any number of units activated – between one and five (or one and three in the case of the Vital Air 3), so you can set the machine to your sensitivity, whereas the Airnergy machines are controllable by three intensity levels. So if you are a sensitive person that cannot cope with the minimum output of the Airnergy Machines, then you may experience healing reactions. Call us on 01743718324 to understand more about acclimatising to Activated Oxygen, and what ‘healing reactions’ are.

  • The Vital Air machines don’t have a sleep / standby mode that activates a small blue light that glows in the dark.

  • You can buy a Vital Air 3 and Vital Air 5+ from us more cheaply than you can buy the Airnergy Professional Plus and Airnergy Professional from the main UK Airnergy distributor, and get a more powerful machine for your money.

  • You can monitor the number of hours very readily using the Vital Air systems menu, though it seems to be a closely guarded secret for Airnergy, as they don’t mention it in their user manual. Contact us on 01743718324 to ask how to check how many hours your Airnergy machine has done.

  • With the Vital Air range, you receive a number of user memory cards, which you can place in the machine and record your sessions, or have standard sessions set on the card that you can choose from. Each person using the machine can have their own memory card.

What we have noticed is that there are a number of factors that Vital Air and Airnergy machines share in common.

As with Airnergy, the same ‘acclimatisation principles’ apply when using Vital Air. We feel it is very important for everyone to acclimatise themselves to this therapy, which is very different from traditional Oxygen therapies which simply ‘push’ more Oxygen into the body. We feel everyone should start off very gently, building up slowly to the 21 minutes per day recommended by Airnergy AG (Airnergy Manufacturers) and then increasing as appropriate to the individual. We have heard tales of users being told to increase the intensity or duration of treatment in the early stages of use by the Airnergy UK distributor – and to just ‘bear with it’ when symptoms are experienced. If you proceed with Activated Oxygen Therapy in this way, like the proverbial ‘bull in a china shop’, you may experience headaches or nausea, a ‘muzzy head’, drowsiness or tingling in the extremities (fingers and toes) or disruption in sleep patterns in the initial stages, as the body begins to recognise the Activated Oxygen yet finds it too ‘powerful’ to respond to without a significant detoxification / ‘healing’ reaction. On a positive note, these ‘healing’ symptoms show that your body is reactive and responsive to this therapy, though in the initial acclimatisation stages, this can be quite off putting if not expected. Also, although for many people ‘pushing through’ may be the preferred modus operandi, for some individuals with chronic illnesses such as M.E. / CFS / MS, it is imperative to minimise these detoxification / healing reactions since they themselves can delay recovery within these particularly sensitive and overloaded body systems. If you do experience such reactions, then we recommend that you drop back on the intensity and session length until such time as the reactions disappear, and then slowly build back up again. (as part of our rental package we offer regular support ‘check-in’ sessions to ensure we can minimise any healing reactions and manage your therapy appropriately).

One issue that does arise because of the humidification of the Activated Oxygen is that water, over time, collects in the nasal cannula being used to deliver the Activated Oxygen to the user. A number of aspects impact the amount of water that collects in the cannula, including the ambient temperature of the air in the room and the increase or decrease in temperature as air flows through the machine, through the humidification process, and out of the machine through the nasal cannula. Where the temperature change is significant, it can cause excess of water to collect over time in the tube, which gradually ascends up the tube, pushed by the Activated Oxygen Air flow towards the nose. Depending on how you feel about this prospect, you should be prepared to change the cannula every three to four weeks with normal use of the machine. With some clients, we have noticed, where there is excessive use of the machine, then the water collection in the cannula is significant increased. Also if you are wearing the cannula and breathing Activated Oxygen in through the nose, though also breathing out through the nose, this will also significantly increase the amount of water collecting in the tube. Where at all possible it is advisable to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Airnergy and Vital Air use the same type of power cable, though the Vital Air requires a 15 volt supply, versus the Airnergy supply needing a 12 volt supply. As with the Airnergy power cable, we have noticed that the Vital Air power supply cord connected to the plug does degrade over time (many months / years) and the wires become exposed, which eventually will be dangerous to the user and a new power pack should be purchased.

If you choose to leave the water in the bottle for long period, then over time, there will be a furring up of the water bottle and the diffuser part of the glass sparkler. This takes different lengths of time depending on what type of water you are using in the glass bottle. If you use normal tap water, this will fur up the bottle and diffuser quite quickly, compared to using distilled water, which contains no additives. Using still mineral water or spring water can delay the furring process. We have found that a small amount of Apple Cider Vinegar, mixed with a good amount of warm water in the glass bottle, with the glass element inserted into it and left for 24 hours, will dissolve any furring. A very dilute apple cider vinegar and water solution swilled round the bottle (and rinsed very well afterwards) is also the best method of regular cleaning of the bottle that we have so far found.
In our opinion, the most vulnerable part of the Vital Air machines is the glass sparkler, which is inserted into the glass bottle containing water, and whose tubing is attached to the machine to direct the flow of the air. The diffuser, which is at the bottom of the glass sparkler’s stalk has a tendency to snap off if the glass sparkler is not pulled out of the glass water bottle straight, as the diffuser gets caught on the lip of the glass bottle. This can then leave splinters of glass in the bottle, if not noticed by the owner, which is obviously a danger to users. It is therefore important to check the glass sparkler is intact prior to each session. Glass sparklers are not cheap to replace, costing around £90.00. Also, regarding the glass sparkler, we recommend that you do not detach the plastic nozzle, which fits onto the machine, from the plastic tubes that lead up to the glass sparkler crown. If you do this, for whatever reason, and then inadvertently replace the nozzle the wrong way round, you’ll find that the machine sucks the water in the glass bottle into the final two activation chambers, and blows it out of the machine up the cannula towards your nose.
Unlike the Airnergy machines, the Vital Air machines were upgraded in 2010 when the inventor installed a double catalyst in each of the activation chambers, giving a substantial boost to the energy output of the Vital Air machines.

Servicing is important with all Activated Oxygen Therapy machines, though it depends on how often you use the machine as to how long it takes to reach ‘service time’. The Vital Air machine is programmed to require a complete service after 4000 hours of use. So if you do the maths, you can roughly work out that if you stick to two 30 minutes sessions per day, its going to be 10.95 years before you need to spend somewhere in the region of £400.00 for a maintenance service and system reset to zero. The machine must be returned to Germany for servicing as this can only be performed by the manufacture Vital Air Manufacturers. We can arrange this for you – just contact us to organise collection of your machine.

Pros of the Vital Air Activated Oxygen Therapy Machines:

  1. Most powerful and versatile of all Activated Oxygen Therapy machines

  2. Variable intensity and timing settings

  3. Nice clean, casing, small and compact

  4. Aesthetically pleasing to the eye – sophisticated design

  5. Colour Therapy options as standard

  6. Easy to clean the outer casing

  7. Very durable and long lasting

  8. Greatest length of time, 4000 hours, before a service is required.

  9. Memory button and Session Computer memory card easily utilised

  10. Includes an Aromatherapy bottle as standard for additional Aromatherapy during sessions


Cons of the Vital Air Activated Oxygen Therapy Machines:

  • Vulnerable Glass Sparkler (same as Airnergy machines)

  • Most expensive devices (though more affordable from us than Airnergy devices from other Activated Oxygen Therapy distributors)


If you’d like to find out more about Vital Air’s potential for YOU, contact us today!

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Please note that this information should not be constituted as personal medical advice. It is not claimed that Activated Oxygen Therapy can diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please seek appropriate direct medical attention and healthcare for any acute or chronic symptoms or illness.