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Looking for a Vital Air or Airnergy machine for sale?Browse below to find out what second-hand Airnergy, Vital Air and other quality Activated Oxygen Devices we currently have available for purchase. If you would like any further information or would like to make a purchase, please call us on 01743-718-324 or email us at

Second-hand Airnergy, Vital Air and Kinetic Oxygen devices:

Second-hand Airnergy devices offer a particularly affordable way to access Activated Oxygen Therapy for you and your family. To benefit from one of our high quality used machines (all in perfect working order, checked and sanitised before dispatch), please contact us on +44
(0)1743 718 324 today, to discuss your needs. Click here to buy a brand new Vital Air or Airnergy Machine.

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If you want to find a brand new Vital Air or Airnergy machine for sale, please visit our Activated Oxygen Therapy sales page.