Activated Oxygen Therapy Science

Inspired by Nature…

Activated Oxygen therapy science is the application of a relatively new health technology, where the process of photosynthesis is reconstructed.

By use of a light source (similar to the sun) and a photosensitiser (comparable to chlorophyll), artificial singlet oxygen is generated from filtered ambient air.

Within a fraction of a second, this artificial singlet oxygen reverts to the ‘normal’ form of oxygen (ground / triplet state). This is important to note; that no singlet oxygen leaves the machine, since inhaling singlet oxygen directly into the lungs could be damaging.

Activated Oxygen Therapy Science - inspired by Photosynthesis

It’s the energy generated by this singlet oxygen reaction that creates the magic of Activated Oxygen Therapy.

The energy is of a certain wavelength (in the near infrared range of frequencies), which is transferred to water droplets in the air (and body), and the humidification process in most Activated Oxygen machines.

This special ‘new’ energy acts a bioidentical signal within the body.

What does that mean?

This means that this special wavelength, inhaled by the machine user, then transported, via the lungs and bloodstream all around the body, acts as a signal to the body’s cells, to get their act together and do the following:


Improve cells’ uptake of Oxygen from the blood


Increase efficiency of Oxygen-related reactions in cells – particularly energy production

(in the form of ATP – the energy currency of the body)


Neutralise oxidative damage and initiating repair and regeneration of cells

(this is very relevant both in ageing and many chronic health conditions).

Oxidative Stress - Activated Oxygen Therapy Science

The signal of the Activated Oxygen has also been shown to activate the Parasympathetic Nervous System. This is the part of the autonomic nervous system essential for healing and involved with calming and optimizing many bodily functions such as breathing, digestion, mood and pain levels.

Comfortably using Activated Oxygen Therapy

Simply by attaching the nasal cannula securely to your nostrils, switching on your device and sitting comfortably in your chair (or lying in bed), you can generate high levels of the Energised / Activated Oxygen within the machine and then receive the cellular benefits of the therapy throughout your body.

Although not a miracle cure or quick fix, as soon as you connect to your Activated Oxygen Therapy machine, you can be confident that your cells are received a safe and valuable boost to their function and health.

For full documentation of Activated Oxygen Therapy science, or research papers regarding this health technology, please contact us.