Activated Oxygen Machine Rental

Try before you buy, in the comfort of your own home.
Rental of our top quality Activated Oxygen machines begins at £80 / month.
Begin to experience the benefits of this powerful therapy, without the outlay of purchase.
Vital Air and Airnergy rental at affordable prices.
Full technical and specialist health support provided and all accessories included.

Activated Oxygen Therapy Rental from Unique Perceptions 2023
Vital Air 5 Plus - Rent - buy - rent to own
Vital Air 5 Plus Rent to Own Activated Oxygen Therapy from Unique Perceptions
Kinetic Oxygen 6 Plus Rent to Own Activated Oxygen Therapy from Unique Perceptions

Airnergy rental, Vital Air rental

Activated Oxygen Therapy Rental

We offer one month, three month and six month Rental Agreements.
For any deep-seated or chronic condition, at least a three month rental is recommended for adequate assessment of effectiveness.

Aside from the monthly fee (see above), there is just a one off £50 fee, covering courier delivery, collection, unlimited technical support and specialist health support during the course of the rental. No VAT or other fees or hidden costs!
All accessories (air filters, nasal cannulas) are supplied during the course of the rental at no extra cost.

We ask for the first month’s rental and courier/support fee upfront before dispatch. Thereafter we ask for bank transfer or standing order for monthly fees.

We offer an optional monthly check-in telephone call with Dr Claire Bowen, to ensure optimisation of your Activated Oxygen Therapy experience. This is included in the cost of your rental.

Activated Oxygen Therapy Rental from Unique Perceptions

Why rent an Activated Oxygen machine from us?

Our Activated Oxygen Therapy rental process is straightforward and easy. We can assist in choosing the best model for your personal situation and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have. 


Over 18 years' experience working with this therapy. We're happy to share al we've learnt, to ensure you get the best experience.


All our machines contain the most up-to-date therapeutic technology of their model. Each machine undergoes careful checks and sanitation before dispatch.


No deposit! And rental fees are payable monthly, not all upfront, allowing easier budgeting.


Tailored specialist health support from our medically-trained staff. A personalised usage schedule is supplied with every rental.


Full technical support provided. Comprehensive user manual and printed instructions to get started, with telephone, email and video-call support given as needed.

Happy Vital Air / Airnergy Rental Clients

“It’s amazing. It’s the best thing out there, as far as I’m concerned. This machine has saved my life.”

Alex giving feedback on vital air and airnergy results for his COPD.

Alex Murchison


“Within a few weeks, the improvement was miraculous! I have been able to sleep through the night and I’ve benefitted greatly from the machine.”

Liz gives feedback on her Vital Air for arthritis, COPD and sleep

Elizabeth Holmes


​“Love it! I’ve built up to half an hour a day on full strength and I feel lots of energy now. I can go out shopping and walk much further, without sitting down.”

Elsie Wilson - Activated Oxygen Therapy feedback on ME / CFS and Fibromyalgia.

Elsie Wilson


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