Active Air 5 (2009) Unused machine for sale


2009 Active Air 5 machine. Unused. Supplied in original packaging.


Unused Active Air 5 Machine for sale

£2750 plus delivery (please contact us for shipping costs to your location)

Manufactured in 2009 – this is a brand new machine, not even taken out of the box since purchase. The Active Air 5 is the predecessor model to the Vital Air 5 Plus and the upgrade of the Airnergy Professional Plus. 5 single Activation Catalysts.

Used for 0 hours! (4000 hours of use remaining before service required).

Supplied with 10 nasal cannulas, plus instruction manual, power lead and original glassware. This model was designed to work without external air filters.

We recognise that not everyone has the budget for purchasing of brand new machines. We aim to make Activated Oxygen Therapy as accessible as possible by offering used machines whenever possible.

Please Contact us to discuss purchase of this used Airnergy machine today.