Project Description

Secondhand Airnergy Professional Plus

Manufactured 2012

1207 hours of use.

£1750.00 (plus £15 delivery to mainland UK)

Supplied with glass bottle and sparkling element, instruction manual, UK power supply. Service required at 2000 hours use (over 2 years’ use still left before servicing at 1 hour of use/day)

Not supplied with air filters or nasal cannulas – these can be purchased separately: £21 for a pack of 10 nasal cannulas (plus delivery) and £21 for a pack of 2 air filters (require replacing every 50 hours of use) (plus delivery). (Delivery within mainland UK for accessories is £5.50).

CONTACT US to purchase this machine, or ask any questions you have. Call today on 01743-718-324.

This used Airnergy Professional Plus is in a very nice condition, is very clean and has been very well looked after. The Airnergy Professional Plus machine casing and internal pump was updated in 2012. This machine boasts the new style casing and the newer, quieter internal pump.

We recognise not everyone has the budget for a brand new Activated Oxygen Therapy device. Part of our mission is to make Activated Oxygen Therapy – particularly in the superior form of Vital Air and Airnergy, as accessible as possible to everyone who can benefit – this is why we’re working on offering an increasing range of secondhand Airnergy machines – excellent quality, with full accessories.