Project Description

Secondhand Active Air 5

Manufactured 2009

265 hours of use.

£1500.00 (plus £30 delivery to mainland UK) For delivery outside UK, please contact us for costs.

Supplied with glass bottle and sparkling element, 7 nasal cannulae, and UK power supply. Service required at 4000 hours use. 3735 hours of operational time available until service requirement (over 10 years’ use, if used for 1 hour daily).

This is the precursor to the Vital Air 5 Plus. It contains half the catalysts of new machines, but still provides a good level of Activated Oxygen Therapy.
This model does not require air filters (the water in the humidifying bottle acts as a filter).

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We recognise not everyone has the budget for a brand new Activated Oxygen Therapy device. Part of our mission is to make Activated Oxygen Therapy – particularly in the superior form of Vital Air and Airnergy, as accessible as possible to everyone who can benefit – this is why we’re working on offering an increasing range of secondhand machines – excellent quality, checked machines, with full accessories.