The Optimum Health Jigsaw from Unique Perceptions

The Optimum Health Jigsaw is composed of eight key areas, which need to be addressed by any individual looking to recover from chronic illness or achieve the most optimum health possible for their particular body and energy system.

NB This ‘Jigsaw’ is not intended as providing or recommending any particular medical treatment for any health condition or an alternative to appropriate therapy – it is simply shared for individuals to consider addressing certain aspects of life, in the most appropriate way for them, in order to improve their own health and wellbeing.

Each individual will find certain aspects of the jigsaw more relevant than others. The jigsaw is not created as a ‘one size fits all’ approach to recovery from illness or movement towards optimum health. Rather, it is a framework to be used as a starting point for patients and practitioners to explore the main areas necessary to improve health and wellbeing, utilising the specific resources, techniques, therapies and suggestions recommended as part of the jigsaw appropriate to the particular individual.

Click on each ‘Jigsaw Piece’ below to find out more about that particular aspect of achieving Optimum Health!

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Optimum Health Jigsaw - from Unique Perceptions - Click on a Jigsaw Piece to find out more!

The Jigsaw is based on a biological model of human health, examining the needs of cells within the body, optimally addressing those needs in an accessible and sustainable way, then expanding the scope of management to incorporate a complete holistic approach to optimal wellbeing. Put very simply, therefore, the eight Jigsaw Pieces are as follows: Oxygenation – cells need oxygen, Hydration – cells need water, Nutrition – cells need nutrients, Detoxification – cells need to eliminate waste, Protection – cells need ‘down time’ to repair and renew. Then expanding the focus from cell to whole: Connection – Humans need healthy relationships with others for optimal wellbeing, Mobilisation – Bodies need movement for optimal health maintenance, efficient waste elimination and comfortable growth. Finally Expansion – The path to optimum health invariably requires a kind of ‘rewiring’ of neural networks in terms of how we view ourselves and the world. It also necessiates a more expanded focus and perspective for sustainable optimal wellbeing.

On these webpages you will find a summary of each aspect of the Optimum Health Jigsaw. For more in-depth information, or to work with an experienced practitioner towards your own tailor-made ‘Jigsaw-Programme’, please contact us at Unique Perceptions: on 01743-718-324 or via email on