Activated Oxygen Therapy Support

Advanced Therapy Support

We are not permitted to publish results of Activated Oxygen Therapy research studies or personal ‘testimonials’ online. If you’d like more information about the extent of this therapy’s effects and how it could be relevant to your personal circumstances, please contact us and we’ll be happy to chat.

Activated Oxygen Therapy is not a miracle cure for any disease or condition. However, the way in which the Activated Oxygen positively impacts cells throughout an individual’s body can give rise to significant life enhancements. For the expanding trials and studies on Activated Oxygen Therapy, please contact us!

For a FREE 15 minute chat about your health and how Activated Oxygen Therapy, with other therapy implementations could impact you, if you’re dealing with a chronic illness or simply want to optimise your health, call us today on 01743-718-324!

Since we believe appropriate support is key to optimising your Activated Oxygen Therapy experience,
we now provide telephone and email support and ‘check-in’ sessions with every rental package and
a FREE Advice session with a senior member of our team, with every Activated Oxygen Therapy machine purchase.

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Recovery Management Programmes

Contact us to explore our Optimum Health Jigsaw for self-empowered recommendations to improve your life today!

Telephone Support

Telephone, Skype, Email and Face-to-face follow up sessions and support sessions.

Health Products

E-books and information products, Recovery Relaxation Audios, Guided Meditations and more.