“If we are creating ourselves all the time, then it is never too late to begin creating the bodies we want instead of the ones we mistakenly assume we are stuck with.”

Dr Deepak Chopra

Making Space for New Health…

From the moment we are born, inside every cell in our body, numerous metabolic reactions and processes are taking place to keep us alive and functioning. These processes, ranging from energy production to sleep management, mood regulation and more, result in metabolic byproducts and waste products which need to be eliminated from the body. This is why, from the very start, our bodies develop a complex system of detoxification, involving many organs and processes, including the liver, kidneys, bowels, skin, lungs and lymphatics. Any impediment in this complex system can result in reduced effectiveness of detoxification and consequent build up of the metabolic toxins (the reaction waste products) within our cells.

‘Detoxification’ has become quite a buzzword these days. There are many detoxing diets around, as well as various pieces of equipment and therapies, which claim to detoxify the body. In the world we live in today, full of environmental pollution, food additives and strong medications, it seems like a good idea for everyone to attempt effective detox occasionally, but for individuals with a chronic illness it is essential, since overwhelm of the body’s detoxification system is often a key component of the condition. However, it is equally essential that any detoxification process is carried out appropriately for the individual; when dealing with a system as fragile as in those with chronic illness such as M.E. / CFS, MS, heart or lung problems, it may be possible to detox too rapidly or powerfully, placing too much strain on the body, leading to a worsening of symptoms rather than the positive effects one would hope for.

Ideally, any detoxification programme is supervised by an experienced, empathetic practitioner. In the absence of this, the individual themselves must take responsibility for the speed and intensity of treatment. If you’re in good health and seeking optimum wellbeing and peak performance, you’ll be able to increase the intensity and speed of detoxification practices far more quickly than if you’re dealing with health issues. In general, it is better to start off at the minimum and build up gradually to achieve the best results. ‘No Pain No Gain’ is not always the most appropriate mantra if you’re looking for significant, sustainable health improvements!

Do you ever experience:

Muscle aches and pains?

Sinus Congestion?


Alcohol Intolerance?

Regular headaches?

Feeling that even ‘good’ supplements just make you feel ‘worse’?

Detoxification - Part of the Optimum Health jigsaw - Key areas for healing

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to two or more of the questions above, your DETOXIFICATION jigsaw piece could do with some attention and you may well benefit from undertaking some practices to eliminate waste from your body more optimally. 

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Far Infra Red Therapy (FIR)

One of the best methods of effective, safe, gentle and powerful detoxification we have come across, is Far Infra Red Therapy (‘FIR’). By lying on a FIR mat, sitting in a FIR sauna or snuggling in a FIR ‘cocoon’, you can expose your body to the same (‘good’) kind of rays that we get from the sun! The effect being release of toxins from your cells, positive pain relief and increased energy!

Very different from traditional saunas, which rely solely on heat and perspiration for the health benefits, far infra saunas are effective even at lower temperatures and produce effective detoxification via the bowels and kidneys in addition to (or instead of, in some people) the skin. A range of options are available including traditional ‘cubicles’ as well as ‘sleeping bag coccoons’, ‘mats’ and ‘domes’.

Please note that with any detox programme, including use of a Far Infra Red Therapy unit, it is really important to support the body’s detox systems – to avoid toxins getting released then circulating around the body and causing more problems! Talk to us about how to do that!

Far Infra Red Therapy mat - from Get Fitt Global - great for detox

Other ways to work on your DETOXIFICATION Jigsaw Piece and improve your cells’ detox and renewal processes are:

Minimise Toxic Load: 

Choose foods, personal care and household products which have no or minimal manmade chemicals incorporated. Tip: ‘If you can’t pronounce more than one ingredient on the ingredients list, it’s probably potentially harmful for your body system’. Look for more ‘natural’ alternatives (N.B ‘organic’ doesn’t always mean more natural!) Minimise processed foods in the diet. Omit caffeine and alcohol, minimise sugar and dairy intake.

Minimise toxic load to enhance detoxification

Dry Skin Brushing:

The skin is the largest organ in our body and constantly in contact with the elements, so its maintenance is a vital part of ensuring a healthy detoxification system and healthy body. Carrying out dry skin brushing, daily, ideally pre-showering, can encourage lymphatic drainage, stimulate vascular (blood) circulation and help cleanse and exfoliate the skin, allowing easier transfer of nutrients in and waste products out of the body!

Dry Skin brushing to aid detoxification

Tongue Scraping:

Twice daily after teeth cleaning – ideally using a tongue scraper, although some people use their toothbrush then clean it very well afterwards. Removing any build-up of plaque or toxins or food residue daily, not only improves your breath and aids your immune system by ensuring toxins don’t get reabsorbed, it also clears your tongue surface, better exposing your taste buds, so you can potentially better enjoy the flavours of your food!

Tongue Scraping to aid detoxification.

Lemon Water:

Squeeze the juice of half a fresh lemon into warm water as the first drink to consume in the morning. This helps kick start metabolism and aids alkalisation of the body. Adding a few crystals of sea salt or pink Himalayan rock salt also helps you start the day with a better mineral intake and it’ll aid absorption of your food and drink throughout the day!

Drink lemon water to aid detoxification

Enhance Autophagy:

Autophagy is the body’s way of getting rid of old or damaged cell components, making space for the cell to be more efficient, and recycling the old parts into more efficient components. It’s an essential biological process that helps keep us healthy. Usually autophagy occurs during sleep, because that’s when we’re fasting, and the body can get on with its ‘housekeeping’ of eliminating waste and healing cells. A way to enhance this important process is ‘Intermittent Fasting’, which basically means adjusting your ‘feeding window’ (i.e. the number of hours between your first and last food of the day). to ten or less. This is a huge subject, which needs to be undertaken carefully if you’re not in full health. Maybe do some exploring?

intermittent fasting helps detoxification

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