5 Tips to Optimise your Airnergy Machine Experience

5 Tips to Optimise your Airnergy Machine Experience

(How to get the most from Activated Oxygen Therapy)

Vital Air 5+ - Activated Oxygen device from Unique PerceptionsActivated Oxygen Therapy (AOT), also known as ‘Active Air Therapy’, ‘Singlet Oxygen Energy Therapy’, or by the brand names, ‘Airnergy+’ or ‘Vital Air’, can be an extremely helpful addition to many holistic healthcare programmes. However, although the technology of the devices is based on sound science, optimised use […]

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  • Airnergy Myths Busted - Airnergy Rental and Airnergy Purchase from Unique Perceptions

Airnergy Myths Busted (1)…

As with any non-mainstream healthcare therapy or device these days, an internet search for information about ‘Airnergy’ (being the most well known brand of Activated Oxygen Therapy, though not the only one at all), results in a mixture of positive and less-than-positive reports and comments. In this article we are looking to address some of the comments found online that may prevent individuals further investigating how Singlet Oxygen Energy / Activated Oxygen Therapy could benefit them. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, yet when opinion is stated as fact, or inaccurate conclusions are drawn from data presented, a more balanced viewpoint is necessary! […]

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  • How to increase your oxygen levels in 6 easy steps - Activated Oxygen Therapy.com from Unique Perceptions

How to Improve Your Oxygen Levels in 6 Easy Steps…

Anyone who’s watched a Hollywood blockbuster about survival in space will already be acutely aware of the importance of oxygen in our ability to survive and to function comfortably. Yet so often this odourless, invisible gas which makes up about 21% of our atmosphere is overlooked in terms of its role in our levels of health and fitness. The relevance of oxygen (and its lack) within the body’s cells is becoming increasingly acknowledged in a number of diseases, along with the ‘natural’ process of ageing. If you’re aware that your cells could do with receiving some more oxygen, check out the suggestions below for some cheap and easy methods: […]

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  • Oxygen and ME / CFS - Airnergy and activated Oxygen importance

Why is Oxygen Important in ME / CFS?

Despite an enormous amount of research (some would say not enough…) over recent years into Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME, also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, CFS), there’s currently no consensus of opinion about the exact or specific cause of this complex and often debilitating condition. However, there is increasing evidence that low oxygen levels in the body and brain may be a significant feature of ME / CFS and that ‘oxygen deprivation’ at a cellular level, caused by accelerated oxidative injury (damage to cells by free radicals), acidic conditions and other factors, may be a consistent key phenomenon which offers a great start for ME / CFS management and movement towards recovery. […]

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