5 Tips to Optimise your Airnergy Machine Experience

(How to get the most from Activated Oxygen Therapy)

Activated Oxygen Therapy (AOT), also known as ‘Active Air Therapy’, ‘Singlet Oxygen Energy Therapy’, or by the brand names, ‘Airnergy+’ or ‘Vital Air’, can be an extremely helpful addition to many holistic healthcare programmes. However, although the technology of the devices is based on sound science, optimised use of the machines is very much an ‘art’, in that individual experiences can vary greatly. However, there are a few tips that can help everyone get the most from their Vital Air or Airnergy machine:


Activated Oxygen treatment offers a very safe and natural way of improving the absorption and utilization of oxygen within the body. As a treatment it cannot harm the body. Since it can generate significant healing and detoxification at a deep level within the body, it is important to gently build up your usage rather than immediately start at the highest settings and longest duration.

If treatment is built up too quickly, a healing reaction may occur (also known as a ‘detox reaction’, similar to a ‘Herxheimer reaction’) – this is a temporary worsening of symptoms as the healing body rids itself of waste products and toxins. This can be avoided by starting treatment slowly (for best personal advice consult an Activated Oxygen+ Practitioner) and building up the treatment gradually. 

If you are unable to consult with an Activated Oxygen Practitioner regarding your personal requirements, it is recommended you begin at 5 minutes 50% once a day and gradually (as long as you avoid healing reaction symptoms) build up, over time, to 20 minutes 100% twice daily.


The most beneficial time of day for Activated Oxygen use varies between individuals. Try your sessions at various times of day to fit in with your daily routine to find when suits you best.

We recommend avoiding use just before bedtime for the first few weeks (during the ‘foundation stage’ of therapy, whisleeperle your body is acclimatising to the treatment) since some users find the energising effects of Activated Oxygen may keep them awake initially. This ‘keeping you awake’ rarely lasts more than a couple of weeks – and improved sleep is a benefit regularly reported after several sessions with the device.

In addition to timing, your method of using the Airnergy+ device is also important: make sure you breathe inthrough your nose as much as you possibly can during your sessions on the machine. Not only is nose-breathing more healthful and oxygenating than mouth-breathing, but since the breathing tubes from the Activated Oxygen device are going into your nose, you want to make the most of the therapy!


Device Water – at the start of each Activated Oxygen Therapy session, add fresh clean water (preferably drinkable distilled, bottled spring water or well-filtered water) up to ~1/3 bottle within the device. If possible and appropriate, after each session, drink the water as part of your treatment (in this way additional activated oxygen will be absorbed and the therapy enhanced).

Water for hydrationDrinking Water – Adequate hydration is an important aspect of any health management program. It is vital that you drink sufficient good-quality water throughout the day, every day. You may find that you feel more thirsty when you begin to use your Activated Oxygen device. This is quite normal and simply means that your rehydration centres have been activated and your body is looking to flush out the toxins and waste products produced through the healing process. Even if you seem to be drinking twice as much as previously, do keep drinking (avoiding excess where drinking ends up producing nausea, of course). Remember that for every mug of caffeinated drink (tea, coffee, etc), or sugar-filled beverage (e.g. cordials or fizzy drinks), it’s good to drink an additional glass of clear water.


Another key aspect of any effective health management programme is a growing awareness of your body’s needs and requirements. Whatever your health or lifestyle, upon beginning Activated Oxygen Therapy, you may find that you suddenly feel more sleepy – or more energised at certain times of the day or after treatment. In order to facilitate and optimise the healing and recovery of your body, respond to your body’s needs as fully as possibly. In simple terms this means if you’re feeling extra tired and sleepy, rest or nap or go to bed early. If you feel more energetic, go for a gentle walk or carefully increase your exercise level. If you notice appetite changes (as long as you maintain your nutrition intake), allow your body to consume or avoid what it ‘tells you’ it does or does not need.

Often, users report sudden increases in energy and, particularly when experiencing long-term health conditions where fatigue is a major factor, it is important to avoid ‘over-doing’ things and, even if you’re feeling much more energised, to gradually increase activity levels within a pacing protocol to avoid relapses.


Unfortunately, Activated Oxygen Therapy is not a miracle cure (despite the feedback from numerous users telling us that it has been for them!) It can, however, be an extremely treatment for many different diseases and for improving general health and wellbeing. Although some users report beneficial changes in their health (particularly in energy levels, brain clarity, visual problems and certain kinds of pain), it’s important to recognise that this is a long term therapy, which will be working with your body, at a cellular level, to improve the basic functioning of your body and start to ‘reprogram’ bodily systems that may have not been functioning properly for many months or years (or decades for some individuals). For many people it has taken a long time for the body to get into the state it is currently in – and so it will take time for significant, sustainable improvements to be observed. This is especially true for natural-based treatments such as Activated Oxygen Therapy, which work synergistically with the body rather than trying to control it like certain pharmaceuticals.

If you’ve been using an Activated Oxygen Therapy device for a few weeks and not seen any noticeable benefits, don’t give up! Reassess your usage – maybe you need to increase the number or duration or intensity of your sessions. For some people, it can take up to a couple of months to start to really notice overt improvements (this is why we recommend at least a three month trial or rental of the therapy before making a decision about its effectiveness). Also look at what is going on in your life at present. If you’re going through a particularly busy or stressful time, the Activated Oxygen may be supporting you in ways you can’t see – ‘who knows what you’d be like without the machine…’ .

If you’d like further advice about how to optimise your experience with an Activated Oxygen Therapy device, or want to try one to see how it might benefit you particularly, talk to us today at Unique Perceptions, or email us on oxygen@uniqueperceptions.co.uk.