After Sales Care:
Activated Oxygen Therapy

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After Sales Care from Unique Perceptions for Activated Oxygen Therapy

Activated Oxygen Therapy machines are well-made, robust devices. They rarely require servicing or repair before their ‘standard servicing point’.


  • For Vital Air devices, this is 4000 hours of use (nearly 11 years, if used for 1 hour / day) 
  • For Airnergy devices, this is 2000 hours of use (over 5 years, if used for 1 hour / day)
  • For Kinetic Oxygen devices, this is 3 years’ of standard use (~ 1hour / day)

Accessories and Parts:

If you require additional air filters or nasal cannulas for your machine, please click the links below to purchase securely online. If you require any other accessories, or assistance with troubleshooting your machine, please contact us via or on +44(0)1743-718-324.

Please note that a ten percent administration fee is included in the costs of repairs and servicing, when the machine needs to be returned to the manufacturer.

Air filters for Vital Air and Airnergy
Nasal Cannulas for Activated Oxygen Machines

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