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What IS Activated Oxygen Therapy?

Activated Oxygen Therapy is an innovative natural treatment, well established in Germany, relatively new to the UK, which enriches normal room air with ‘singlet oxygen energy’, providing an easily-breathable, gently humidified form of Activated Air to improve the body’s uptake, transport and utilisation of oxygen at a cellular level. Each brand of Activated Oxygen Therapy (which includes Vital Air, Airnergy, Valkion and SoeMac) kickstart and enhance the body’s own repair mechanisms, mops up free radical cellular damage and activates the healing aspect (Parasympathetic) of the Nervous System.

This safe and easy-to-use therapy helps balance the body system at a cellular level, meaning that consistent and regular use can enhance health and wellbeing in a variety of ways, not focused on only one symptom or particular body organ.

How Can I Try Activated Oxygen Therapy?

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Vital-Air-5-Plus Activated Oxygen Therapy

We are not permitted to publish results of Activated Oxygen Therapy research studies or personal ‘testimonials’ online. If you’d like more information about the extent of this therapy’s effects and how it could be relevant to your personal circumstances, please contact us and we’ll be happy to chat.

We know how challenging it can be to navigate the minefield of therapy options available when you have a chronic illness. If you'd like to speak to a real person about how Activated Oxygen Therapy could benefit you personally - and the relevant options available to you, please call us for a no-obligation chat today on +44 (0)1743 718 324

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It has come to our attention that some suppliers of Basic Activated Oxygen Therapy machines (with 4 chambers) are now informing customers that there is no evidence to show increased benefits of Advanced Activated Oxygen Therapy machines (5 chambers).

This is untrue.

Increasing clinical tests (we are currently carrying out our own additional tests) demonstrate significantly increased health benefits when utilising a machine with 5 chambers over 4. Additional benefits have so far been established in important objective measurements such as Antioxidant status, Stress Index (Nervous System stress), Vascular Elasticity (ageing of blood vessels) and lactate production.

ANY Activated Oxygen Therapy is better than none!
However, for the greatest health and wellbeing, 5 chamber machines offer an increasingly substantiated difference!

Please note that Vital Air devices are not the same as machines marketed as ‘OET Machines’. Upgrades to the Vital Air catalysts in September 2017 have resulted in significantly more powerful machines, with greater potential therapeutic strength.

OET Machines are the equivalent of the pre-upgrade Vital Air machines.

Comparison of Activated Oxygen Therapy Machines

The inventor of the Vital Air 3 Plus and Vital Air 5 Plus (who is the former Chief Engineer at Airnergy AG), has been quoted as explaining why the new Vital Air 3 Plus is more powerful than the Airnergy Professional Plus. Click here to read more.

The Activated Oxygen Therapy process mimics photosynthesis…

Traditional oxygen therapies are based on the assumption that providing the body with more oxygen will result in more oxygen actually being used by the cells of the body. Activated Oxygen Therapy uses a different basis – that the oxygen in normal air can be altered to improve absorption and utilisation within the body, without increasing the pressure or concentration of oxygen inhaled.

Normal atmospheric air is drawn into the Activated Oxygen device and passed through an ‘activation chamber’, containing a light source and special catalyst, which then mimics photosynthesis and converts the oxygen from its usual ‘ground state’ into a highly reactive ‘singlet state’ (‘Singlet Oxygen’). This form of oxygen is so reactive that within a fraction of a second, the oxygen reverts to its original ground state, releasing ‘Singlet Oxygen Energy’ as it does so. This Singlet Oxygen Energy is then passed through fresh clean water, for humidification – to make it easier to breathe in via nasal tubes or a mask and inhaled, along with normal room air, into the lungs. N.B. No Singlet Oxygen enters the body from the machine – just the Singlet Oxygen Energy – this is what makes the inhaled oxygen ‘ACTIVATED’! The humidified, activated oxygen is more easily transported to the cells and then more easily utilised by the cells for metabolic reactions compared to ‘normal’ air. It also precipitates processes of balancing and healing within the body as cells look to respond to the presence of Singlet Oxygen Energy.
Activated Oxygen Therapy thereby achieves the same aim as other oxygen therapies in terms of improving cellular oxygen levels in the body with consequent effects on health and wellbeing – in addition to kickstarting the cells’ healing reaction via the ‘oxidative response’ of the body.

The importance of ‘Singlet Oxygen Energy’ can be summed up in the words of Dr. Klaus Erpenbach:

Oxygen is the most important element in our life. Without food we can survive weeks, without drinking up to 5 days, but without oxygen only minutes! Oxygen is the central part in each and every cell of our body. In our cellular power stations the oxygen is transformed into energy and so used for regeneration, repair and power - in every cell. Thus an optimisation of the oxygen utilisation by applying the Singlet Oxygen Energy (SOE) technology can lead to enhanced performance in every cell. Scientific studies proved that stress hormones are normalised under SOE application, you become more stress resistant, sleep better, are more relaxed in the mornings, and can start the day actively: well-tempered and with more power. Simultaneously the stress resistance affects the heart: by an increased heart variability and therefore improved performance. Another clinical trial showed that the use of SOE technology resulted in a normalisation of the blood pressure after 4 weeks. Also based on scientific evidence, the lung function and the physical fitness of patients with COPD or bronchial asthma could be clearly improved after 4 weeks; the patients even experienced better sleep patterns and lower blood pressure.

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